Villa Rental Options at Kaputas Beach


            Anyone who wants to rent a villa within the Kaputas Beach by phone and mail can benefit from special discounts and campaigns. The villas in this region, which are the eyes of holidaymakers together with unique nature views and immaculate climate in Antalya Kaş region, offer many features together.


  Indoor and Outdoor Pools


            These villas have open and closed pools in the interior and in front of the doors. At the same time, family villas also have children's pools. These pools, which are cleaned daily, have an internal heating and can be used as a spa service during the autumn and winter months. In addition to the pools, these super luxury villas have jacuzzi benefits.


  Other Features and Benefits of Kaputas Villas


             These villas, which are intertwined with nature, can be considered as honeymoon villas if requested. These villas can be rented on a weekly and monthly basis with special rates. Satellite TV in each villa. channels, air conditioners and kitchenware. It is also possible to examine the villa images and make a selection accordingly. There is a distance of between 1 and 10 km between the Kaputaj beach and the villas. If you wish, you can get a car or private transfer service. With its unique sea beauty, clean beaches, it will be an ideal place to spend a great day.