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Villa Acar Antalya / Kalkan

Rental Sea View Villas...

1.992£9 REVIEWS
Villa Yasemin Eco Antalya / Kalkan

It has 2 bedrooms and offers accommodation for up to 4 people. ...

1.129£2 REVIEWS
Villa Anemon Eco Antalya / Kalkan

The location has the most beautiful sea views and uninterrupted views of the islands of Kalkan. ...

1.129£2 REVIEWS
Villa Artar Antalya / Kalkan

Our villa is ideal for large families and crowded groups of friends....

Villa Belkız Antalya / Kalkan

Large family villas ...

1.328£2 REVIEWS
Villa Berat Antalya / Kalkan

Our villa is located in Kördere, Kalkan with 2 bedroom rooms for 4 people...

Villa Beyaz 1 Antalya / Kalkan

Our rental holiday villa is one of our villas with unseen pool and it is close to the center of Kalkan....

Villa Bluewings Antalya / Kalkan

Villa Bluewings is a summer holiday villa with 4 rooms and sea view for 8 people....

3.984£1 REVIEWS
Villa Buse Duo Antalya / Kalkan

There is a large infinity pool in our villa, all of our guests will get tired of the jacuzzi....

13.450£1 REVIEWS
Villa Chremado Antalya / Kalkan

Kalkan is one of our holiday rental options with private swimming pool. Villa Cheramado stands out for its ultra-luxurious architecture and luxurious furnishings....

1.432£1 REVIEWS

Villa Options for Holiday


            There are large and suitable regions in our country for a holiday. It is essential to spend a comfortable and quality holiday for individuals who are tired for a year. Resorts, hotels or villas should be suitable for people's lifestyles.


             Nowadays, there is a need for luxury requirements to get tired of the busy work tempo. Especiallyvillas with sea view are ideal for a pleasant and perfect holiday. The design and comfort of the villas will touch the souls of the individuals and provide a complete and unforgettable time. While providing an environment to meet all the needs of the people, the sea views are an essential detail for the peace.


             You will feel like your own home; villas offer different alternatives. Every detail is thought to make your holiday unforgettable. When you review the other options, it is possible to see the options available for each budget. Stylish design, comfortable environment and a peaceful holiday nestled with nature is no longer a dream to spend. You can choose and rent a suitable villa to feel at home. It might be a bit early for this, and it would be helpful to make a selection before the villas run out.


             It is best to rent a villa to watch the sunset, feel the comfort of your home and live your dream.